Project information

  • Category: Emission Inventory and Modeling
  • Funding: Sithiphorn Associates Co., Ltd., Thailand
  • Project duration: 4/2022 - 6/2023
  • Project Team:
    Aj.Sompoke Kingkaew (PI)
    Dr.Supat Wangwongwattana (Advisory)
    AI Center, AIT
    intERLab, AIT
    Sithiphorn Associates Co., Ltd.
    PhD Student and Research Associate


This project involves the development of near real-time emission inventory covering the major emission sources of traffic, construction, biomass open burning, and industrial sectors by integrating AI and IoT technologies for near real-time hourly emission estimates for WRF-Chem modeling and forecast. The development of an air quality modeling and forecasting system will apply the WRF-Chem modeling system for PM2.5 and ozone air quality forecast with HYSPLIT air mass trajectory. It also integrates an application of air quality remote sensing data platform from near real-time and geostationary satellite products in order to report the daily spatial air quality distribution at a larger scale. The existing air monitoring stations of more than 50 stations in Bangkok will also join the platform of air quality index (AQI) report via AIRBKK application which will be improved to include more useful features on air quality data for Bangkok.